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Abby Luby
Abby Luby

Hi. Welcome to my website.

I write about a lot of different things, from food to the environment, personal profiles, art, music. I have a special interest in the locavore movement here in the Hudson Valley, New York.

Curiosity is the stuff good journalism is made of and for me the snoop factor started in grade school with the teacher's short, illusive answers to my longer, directed questions. There always seemed to be some information missing before the question and after the answer. That frustration spawned a dogged resolve - the must-have DNA for writing and reporting, the handy instinct for investigative reporting where the real story is usually what folks aren't saying.

Writing that perfect profile means culling all the facts about a person that shows you "get them" and you have figured out what makes them who they are. Writing about art is less about describing line, color, texture and more about line,color and textures do to you. Crafting special features means rolling out the highlights, tucking in those small, revealing details while spot news is like jumping onto a spinning merry-go-round of hot tips and, getting the nitty-gritty story, follow up and then hopping off.

My background: I've been in the field of communications for over 30 years I have a Bachelor's degree in Communications and Music from Indiana University and attended the High School of Music and Art in New York City.

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